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More about Community

Olymp Trade’s history is not only many events happening, dozens of prizes achieved, and countless tournaments organized. Olymp Trade’s history is people. We are proud of our traders and want the whole world to feel the same.

We want our traders to share their stories and trading experience. The Olymp Trade success stories, both in written format and video interviews, will help you learn more than someone’s path from a beginner trader to a profit-making market expert. In particular, you’ll find out:

  • trading errors and fails that can help you avoid making mistakes and make wiser decisions in trading
  • the most efficient trading strategies and how successful traders have been using them
  • first-hand knowledge and insightful trading tips on tools and assets, money management, the best time for trading, etc.
  • the way to start trading and take your first steps

Apart from a chance to read Olymp Trade success stories, in this section of the Blog, you get access to a multimillion trader community that will be happy to listen to you. Here, you can express yourself and exchange ideas with others about anything you want, from personal trading experience to market reviews, from trading strategies to personal impressions.

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