Traders’ diary

If you still do not make money and continue to lose money in the market, you definitely need to take care of keeping a trader’s journal Any professional trader can confirm...

A Checklist for Making a Winning Trade

This special checklist is a perfect tool for assessing how safe the trade is Try using it now and you will be surprised how easy it is to avoid taking extra...

What can “paper trading” teach you?

“Paper trading” has always been an alternative to using a demo account In this article, you will find out why people are only getting more interested in this method of...

Ticking Time Bomb

Perfect people who completely control their emotions do not exist And certainly there are no perfect traders Financial risks of trading make us constantly go to extremes We always...
Technical Analysis

The “Moving Average” indicator

Moving Average (MA) is a trend indicator in technical analysis, that many strategies are based on It is a line on the chart, which shows the average value of an asset over a...



6 Years Together: Traders Who Inspire Us

As we Inspire you, you Inspire us To show how much we appreciate you, we decided to show 10 inspiring stories about our traders With a supportive community like that, we’ll...

Olymp Trade Helps Fight Covid-19

The Olymp Trade team continues its charity program During the celebration of the Ganesh Chaturthi festival, hundreds of needy Indian families received useful gifts: food aid and...



Withdraw Funds Quickly on Olymp Trade

Learn how to withdraw funds from your Olymp Trade account easily by following these simple steps for various banking and money management...

New Adviser Program Gives You Free Trading Signals

Olymp Trade’s new Adviser Program sends you signals automatically when a good trading opportunity is available based on strategies that you select We provide some quick answers...
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