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Q3 2022 Earnings Season Explained

Q2 2022 Earnings Season Explained  – Official Olymp Trade Blog

Earnings season is a few weeks when most public companies share their quarterly performance in their earnings reports. It takes place every three months, usually in January, April, July, and October. The day when each company plans to release its report is known in advance and published on its official corporate webpage and widely reported in the news. Public companies are legally obligated to regularly release such reports allowing investors to decide whether to buy or sell them.


What Will You Find in the Earnings Report?

Essentially, the earnings report is a document that says how that company has been performing over the last three months and its future projections. In it, you will find various indicators such as sales, revenue, and earnings per share.

How Do Earnings Reports Affect Stock Prices?

The general logic of how the market reacts to each company’s report is as follows:

If investors are satisfied with the earnings report, they buy the stock, and its price goes up.

If investors don’t like what the company reported, they sell its stock, and the price goes down.

That logic may then be broken down further into several criteria.

Actual Performance Against Previous Quarters

First, investors compare the financial performance of the reported quarter to the previous quarters. That comparison yields its own set of investor sentiment typically as follows:

If sales, revenues, and earnings of the last quarter have grown against previous quarters, that’s a positive dynamic. The stock price is likely to go up in this case.

If these main financial indicators in the last three months have decreased, that means a company may have problems. In this scenario, the stock price will likely go down.

Future Company Projections

Second, investors check what the company expects to see in the coming quarters. For example, a corporation may have reported weak performance in the last three months, but if it provides solid reasons why it expects to see better performance in the coming months, that will be a positive indication.

If the company provides optimistic forecasts for the coming quarters, its stock price is likely to go up.

If the company provides a pessimistic outlook, its stock price may go down.

How to Trade on Earnings Reports

The Olymp Trade platform will inform you which companies are planning to release their reports and when in the Instagram stories, platform’s stories, Telegram posts, emails, and pushes,. You will also have Olymp Trade expert forecasts on each stock in these. Essentially, they will tell you why they believe a company’s stock price will go up or down upon the release of its report.

Therefore, you can easily make trading decisions based on the above information from Olymp Trade on the stocks you trade on.

On the Olymp Trade platform, you can trade on stocks in the Forex, Fixed Time, and Stocks trading modes.

When Will Companies Release Their Earnings Reports?

Below is the schedule of the earnings reports planned to be released. In the table, BMO means that the report will be out before the market opens, AMO means the release will take place after the market opens, and AMC means the release will happen after the market closes.

Company Ticker Date Week Time of the Release
JPMorgan Chase JPM 14.10 Week 1 BMO
Morgan Stanley MS 14.10 Week 1 BMO
Goldman Sachs  GS 18.10 Week 1 BMO
Johnson & Johnson JNJ 18.10 Week 2 BMO
Netflix NFLX 18.10 Week 2 AMC
IBM IBM 19.10 Week 2 AMC
Procter & Gamble PG 19.10 Week 2 BMO
Tesla TSLA 19.10 Week 2 AMC
3m MMM 25.10 Week 3 BMO
Microsoft MSFT 25.10 Week 3 AMC
Visa V 25.10 Week 3 AMC
AMD AMD 25.10 Week 3 AMC
Google GOOGL 25.10 Week 3 AMC
Novartis NVS 25.10 Week 3 BMO
Coca-Cola KO 25.10 Week 3 BMO
Twitter TWTR 25.10 Week 3 BMO
Ebay EBAY 26.10 Week 3 AMC
Boeing BA 26.10 Week 3 BMO
Meta (Facebook) FB 26.10 Week 3 AMC
Mastercard MA 27.10 Week 3 AMC
Apple AAPL 27.10 Week 3 AMC
Mcdonalds MCD 27.10 Week 3 BMO
Baidu BIDU 27.10 Week 3  
Caterpillar CAT 27.10 Week 3 BMO
Starbucks SBUX 27.10 Week 3 AMC
Amazon AMZN 27.10 Week 3 AMC
Chevron CVX 28.10 Week 3 BMO
Exxon Mobil XOM 28.10 Week 3 BMO
Nintendo NINTENDO_JP 08.11 Week 5 BMO
Disney DIS 08.11 Week 5 AMC

Please note that companies may change their reporting dates for a variety of reasons. To make sure you keep track of all the changes, follow Olymp Trade updates.

Do You Have Shareholder Rights Trading Stocks on Olymp Trade?

On the Olymp Trade platform, you trade on stocks, but you don’t own them. Therefore, instead of facing a number of issues related to holding an actual share in a public company, you can enjoy the opportunity to profit on its stock price movement. Stocks trading mode is especially suited for long-term investment strategies.

How Do Olymp Trade Experts Make Stock Price Forecasts?

Olymp Trade has an analytical department where market experts follow corporate dynamics to evaluate stocks. Based on fundamental factors and technical indicators, they make a conclusion based on probability about whether a given company will release a positive or negative report and how its stock price will react to it.

Check Olymp Trade’s Insights

Insights is a subsection of the Olymp Trade platform’s Help Center. You can always find market analysis and price forecasts from Olymp Trade experts from Insights posts. During the earnings season, they will bring you the stock market news and forecasts to help you trade stocks more effectively.