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Uniting Traders: We Launched the First Official Telegram Chat for Olymp Trade Users

Olymp Trade Tegegram Chat - Official Olymp Trade Blog

Great news for Olymp Trade users.

We launched our first official Telegram chat for India-based users. Here, you can communicate with other traders or ask official Olymp Trade representatives any question regarding the platform.

The chat is currently available in English.


Why Join?

This is a unique platform for you to communicate with your fellow traders on Olymp Trade or those that share the same trading values and are wanting to join the Olymp Trade community.

Once you press the “Join” button, the exclusive platform for communication is right there in front of you. Feel free to:

  • discuss all trading-related topics including strategies, markets, assets, deals, etc.
  • exchange tips and lifehacks to accelerate your trading skills and help others do the same
  • share your journey while trading on Olymp Trade such as your success and failures while gaining experience, lessons learned, etc.
  • send links to your favorite Olymp Trade Official Blog articles or master classes
  • help beginners if you’re an expert or receive valuable advice from those with broader trading experience
  • scrutinize analytics and fresh market news to draw data-driven conclusions together and make wiser decisions regarding trading

Also, it’s a place for you to clarify all your questions related to Olymp Trade and the platform’s functionality.

Ask any Olymp Trade-related question and our moderators will reply instantly and answer your question. If your question needs more investigation, moderators will refer you to a specific department, resource, or person who will provide you with an answer. Regardless of your needs, you will get the info you require shortly.

Be Active and Get Rewards

An excellent opportunity to communicate isn’t the only benefit of joining the group. The most active users will receive prizes from Olymp Trade! We’ll keep them a secret for now, but believe us – you’ll like them 😉

Help other traders grow, share your knowledge and skills, initiate fruitful discussions, and get prizes.

Sounds amazing, right? 

Hurry and join!

Join the Chat

Risk warning: The content of the article does not constitute investment advice and you are solely responsible for your trading activity and/or trading results.