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Trading on the Weekend with Olymp Trade

Ah, the weekend! A time for rest, relaxation and… trading? Yes, that’s right. Olymp Trade clients get to strive for profit even with the stock exchanges closed for the week. It’s not only possible, but can also be even more profitable than your Monday through Friday trading. Read on to find out why.


Trading on the Weekend – Official Olymp Trade Blog


What Kinds of Assets Are Available?

Even when traditional exchanges are closed, there are still decentralized markets out there that operate 24/7. Here are the assets that are available on the Olymp Trade platform over the weekend:

OTC (Over the Counter) assets

Olymp Trade offers customers to trade on 8 OTC assets, including EUR/USD, AUD/USD, GBP/USD, Gold, NZD/USD, USD/CAD, USD/CHF, USD/JPY. Trading on these assets is available in the Fixed Time Trades mode.

OTC (Over the Counter) assets – Official Olymp Trade Blog

Crypto currencies

Crypto market never sleeps, nor does it close for weekends or holidays. That’s why it’s ideal for lazy afternoon trading. Take your pick from a wide range of assets Olymp Trade has for you: from the usual suspects like Bitcoin and Ethereum to digital assets like the Basic Altcoin index.

Crypto currencies – Official Olymp Trade Blog

Composite Indices

These assets track multiple asset prices at once, offering greater profitability in exchange for higher volatility. Olymp Trade offers traders the following options:

Composite Indices – Official Olymp Trade Blog

  • Asia Composite Index — this index tracks price changes in financial instruments from Asia: USD/SGD, USD/JPY, Hang Seng.
  • Europe Composite Index — it accounts for financial instruments from Europe: EUR/USD, USD/CHF, Euro Stoxx, FTSE 100.
  • Commodity Composite Index — this index tracks financial instruments that are not tied to any region: Gold, Brent, Gas, and so on.


But Why Trade on the Weekend?

That’s actually a good question: why trade when you can rest? Well, there are several good reasons for that. Let’s see if any one of those appeals to you.

Peace and Quiet

First of all, the weekend is the time to analyse the market in peace. There’s usually no major price action and very few distractions. It’s especially true if you’re one of many traders who have a day job that prevents you from dedicating more time to trading during the week. Home and family obligations can also get in the way, so for many the weekend is the only opportunity for some uninterrupted one-on-one with the platform.

Time for Analysis

That quiet time we talk about can also be the perfect time to practice strategies and analyze the market. The fruits of that labor can come immediately in the form of a well-timed trade or they can be delayed. Hopefully, you already know and use the Pending Order option Olymp Trade offers. You can spend as much time as you need doing technical or fundamental analysis on a Sunday to place an order for an asset that will go live on a stock exchange on Monday.

Higher Profitability

Last but not least: the weekend holds opportunities to make even more profit than usual. We’re talking about the Happy Hours on the Olymp Trade platform. Every now and again, you will see the profitability on OTC assets rise.

For Starter status traders — up to 82%

For Advanced status traders — up to 85%

For Expert status traders — up to 92%

Make sure you’re following Olymp Trade Facebook or Twitter to catch all the latest updates on upcoming Happy Hours.


Trading – Official Olymp Trade Blog


Any Other Ways to Make Profit on Weekends?

Glad you asked! You can actually compete with traders from all around the world by taking part in The Weekend Cup. It’s a weekly trading competition where you compete for your share of the prize pool and more. If you complete Tournament Tasks and Community Goals, you can also earn Extra XP & Risk-Free Trades.

You’ll be trading the same Composite Indices, Crypto, & OTC Assets, only with a chance to win double the profit you normally would, and then some! Don’t miss your chance to get on the action and show off your trading skills. Sign up for The Weekend Cup now!