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Interview with Soumyo Roy – Trading for Living

Hurry up to watch the interview with Soumyo Roy, a successful trader and a caring family man from India. Not only did he tell us about his trading experience and the ups & downs of a daily trader's routine, but he also shared excellent tips you can use to accelerate your trading.

English subtitles are available for this video.

00:00 Preview

00:16 Introducing Soumyo Roy

01:17 How Soumyo’s trading career began

04:38 Soumyo’s biggest win in trading

05:11 Thoughts about quitting

06:54 Becoming a business owner

08:12 Soumyo’s win rate

08:50 Faith and religion in trading

10:13 Parents’ reaction to trading

10:48 Role models

12:03 Advice for beginners

12:32 Troubles with trading

13:10 Top three trading myths

13:53 Opinion on cryprocurrency

15:37 The pandemic

16:59 Favorite trading assets

17:48 News backdrop in trading

18:40 5-question quiz

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