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Olymp Trade Apps Give Clients 4 Ways to Trade

Different Traders have different needs! Olymp Trade understands this perfectly and has developed 4 apps to meet the needs of traders from around the world. No matter if you’re trading on the go or at home, one of the Olymp Trade apps will give you the power to reach your financial goals.

Most Olymp Trade clients are familiar with the web browser version of the Olymp Trade platform, but you may not have known about some of the other useful options you have as an Olymp Trade client.

There are 4 unique ways to trade on the Olymp Trade platform and each is geared towards the individual needs of the trader.

  1. The Standard Olymp Trade Platform using a web browser.
  2. The Downloadable Desktop App
  3. Mobile Apps for iOS and Android
  4. MetaTrader4 Olymp Trade App

Since most people utilize the #1, let’s explain the other 3 quickly and then move on to answering questions.


Olymp Trade Downloadable Desktop App

The Olymp Trade Desktop App has a number of features that might benefit certain traders depending on their situation. The main reasons to utilize the app instead of the browser – Security and Speed.

Using the desktop version is more secure than the browser version and if security is an issue for you, then this might be a good option. The other common reason is the speed of the desktop app. If you’re running an older model computer or one with limited memory, the desktop app will usually perform much faster than the browser.

Take a look at the 4 benefits of the desktop app.


Mobile Apps for iOS and Android

These Olymp Trade Apps are perfect for traders who stay on the move, but we know many traders that use their mobile apps even when they are at home. You can download the apps for free from the appropriate app store.


MetaTrader4 for Olymp Trade

MetaTrader4 is extremely popular with traders throughout the world and Olymp Trade works with the MetaTrader4 platform to provide clients with trading opportunities using the app.

MetaTrader4 can be used on either mobile devices or desktops. You can download the Olymp Trade MetaTrader4 App for free.

Common Questions About Olymp Trade Apps:



What are the differences between trading on the Olymp Trade platform in the browser versus the Desktop App?

There are no differences in the types of assets you can trade or the functionality of the platform. However, using the desktop version will provide more security and speed as discussed above. If you’re using an old computer, it is highly recommended.


The Olymp Trade Desktop App is updated regularly so you will not miss out on any new platform features.



Can I use MetaTrader 4 to trade on Olymp Trade?

Absolutely! Olymp Trade has a MetaTrader4 App that can be downloaded for free. Instructions on how to setup your MetaTrader4 account with Olymp Trade can be found in this article.



What assets can I trade using the Olymp Trade mobile app?

The mobile apps have nearly all the same functionality as the desktop and browser versions. The screen size is probably the biggest limitation, but this is true with many programs.



What assets can I trade using MetaTrader4 with Olymp Trade?

Most of the same assets available on the Olymp Trade platform are also available using the MetaTrader4 app.


A full list of assets available on the MetaTrader4 Olymp Trade App can be found when registering with the program. The assets available change from time to time based on trading liquidity issues in executing trades. This is a complex issue outside the direct control of Olymp Trade.



Is there a difference in payouts, commissions, and profitability when using different Olymp Trade apps?

Generally speaking, no. Olymp Trade doesn’t favor one platform over any of the others in terms of payouts, commissions, or profitability.


However, some functions of the platform are unavailable on MetaTrader4 because these can’t be integrated into the MetaTrader4 system.



Do I need separate accounts for each Olymp Trade App?

Generally speaking, no. All of the apps are connected to your Olymp Trade account. However, the MetaTrader4 app will give you a separate account number when you setup your account and it functions in a slightly different way.


You will be able to log into your Olymp Trade account from any of the other 3 available methods without any differences.


Whatever method you choose, Olymp Trade is constantly updating its services to meet client needs and provide the best trading experience possible for each of their clients regardless of location or the size of their accounts.