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What are Olymp Trade statuses?

Why you need Expert status on Olymp Trade – Official Olymp Trade Blog

Olymp Trade offers three statuses for users with different skill levels and financial goals. By default, all our traders begin their trading career with the Starter status, and those wanting more than a basic package tend to upgrade to Advanced to get some extra perks.

However, if you are serious about trading and are looking to unleash your full potential, we recommend upgrading your status to Expert.


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The perks of Expert status

If trading is an essential part of your lifestyle and you seek to turn it into a solid income source, Expert status will be the best option for you. As the highest status, it comes with multiple exclusive advantages in FTT and Forex modes. Let’s take a closer look at them.

✅ Advantages in FTT mode

In Fixed-Time Trades mode, Expert status holders get:

  • Profitability of up to 92%.
  • Risk-free trades to reduce losses on incorrect price forecasts in FTT mode.
  • Faster fund withdrawals.
  • Four sessions with a personal analyst per month to develop and fine-tune your strategy.
  • 15 unique strategies with increased efficiency, designed by Olymp Trade’s leading analysts for Experts.

✅ Advantages in FX mode

In this mode, you can also enjoy top-priority processing of your withdrawal requests, private educational sessions and consultations.

Our Experts get access to:

  • Twelve exclusive trading strategies for Forex.
  • A discount of up to 20% on position-opening fees.
  • Trailing Stop-Loss, which follows the price to protect accumulated profits.

Upgrading to Expert status is a major leap for any ambitious trader. As an Expert, you get access to VIP privileges like expert advice, a personal trading mentor and more.

❓ How to upgrade your status to Expert

Olymp Trade provides several ways to reach Expert status.

Any one of the following methods will get you there:

  • Deposit at least $2,000 or €2,000 to your account. For a USDT account, this amount is much lower — just 500 USDT.
  • Make trades on your live account and complete daily tasks to earn enough experience points for the upgrade. Note that profitable trades and higher trade amounts bring you more XP.
  • Participate in Olymp Trade’s tournaments, contests and other activities, through which you can win extra XP or a status upgrade for your achievements.

You can also buy a subscription for Expert status in the Market.

Get your 48-hour trial

Are you ready to join the ranks of Olymp Trade’s best? Give this status a test drive to experience its advantages for yourself.

To get a free trial, take a short quiz based on the info in this article.If you get a high enough score, you’ll be automatically upgraded to Expert status for two days.

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