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Olymp Trade’s 8th birthday event results: Celebrating in the spirit of freedom

8 Years of Olymp Trade – Official Olymp Trade Blog

Our celebration for Olymp Trade’s eighth birthday turned out to be one of the most spectacular events of the year. We held a series of online and offline events, all connected by the theme of freedom — something that we strive to provide for each and every one of our users. For our birthday, we held quests, contests and charity events, and we gave out so many prizes and gifts. Let’s take a look at how it all went.


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B-day quest

Now that our social media quest is over, we can take a step back and see what kind of impact it had. As part of the quest, we asked our users to leave comments wishing Olymp Trade well for its birthday, and we even got some new followers! We got so many comments and are so grateful for our active community. We used a randomizer to hold a raffle for the winners, who won new smartphones. Lucky!

Traders all across the world — from India, MENA, Latin America, Brazil, Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia and others — took part in the quest. Nearly 1,000 B-day quest tasks were completed. The winners received smartphones, t-shirts and loot boxes.

Because we want everyone to win, every participant who completed all the conditions of the quest was a winner. This is our way of thanking you for years of loyalty and support! But we are not going to stop there. Stay with us!

Video greetings

It’s always nice when someone wishes you a happy birthday, but it’s even better when everyone can see it. Our traders recorded a whole library of birthday messages for Olymp Trade that we’ll cherish forever. Olymp Trade was congratulated by our friends and partners, among them star footballer Ronaldinho Gaúcho, Indian cricketer Shikhar Dhawan and YouTuber Elvish Yadav.

Traders’ stories

We love and appreciate our traders. Your success is something we actively work towards. As part of Olymp Trade’s birthday celebration, five of our traders shared their success stories. We believe these stories are important because they inspire others to continue to advance their skills and master the art of trading.

Share their unique stories:

Read the success stories of these inspiring Olymp Traders to find out what advice they have for beginners!

Crypto Cashback

Cryptocurrencies are symbols of freedom, uniting countries and cultures in a shared need for autonomy. As part of Olymp Trade’s birthday celebration, we held a unique promotion — Crypto Cashback. From Oct. 24 to 30, Olymp Trade users got a 20% refund on losses received from trades made from USDT accounts.

This offer was a real hit with our users: 2,282 people made 302,007 FTT trades and 43,390 Forex trades, receiving cashback on their trades. They are free to spend this money however they like, whether that be to reinvest in trading or to spend on their loved ones. We believe that part of freedom is trying out new things, so we opened the door for our users to trade with USDT while providing a safety net for those whose trade outcomes were wanting.

But that’s not all! The top 10 active participants won a special prize — a Wow Gift. Depending on their region, these winning traders have been given the opportunity to select from a range of unforgettable adventures. They made an effort to become one of the best and were rewarded with even more freedom from Olymp Trade.

Exceptional gifts

There is no such thing as too many gifts. We prepared special gifts for the most experienced traders on our birthday.

Prizes and awards were given to 407 people around the world. Among the gifts were cold cryptocurrency wallets with a USDT deposit bonus, souvenirs with the Olymp Trade logo and loot boxes from our platform.

If you were not among those who received something, don’t be upset! We love and appreciate all our traders. Our platform has everything traders need to improve their skills and reach new levels of trading: effective indicators and oscillators, unique strategies, and a wide variety of educational resources in our blog and Help Center.

…and here’s to many more!

A sincere thank you to everyone who celebrated Olymp Trade’s birthday by taking part in our events! We feel so proud and lucky to have our global community of traders, who choose freedom with us every day. This is the freedom of trading, the freedom of self-development, the freedom of self-expression, and the freedom to be yourself and enjoy it!

We believe that everyone deserves the opportunity to take control of their financial future, that’s why we work hard every day to enrich our users’ lives with new trading opportunities. To all the traders who participated in our birthday events — thank you. Our traders are the reason why we pursue our mission to open the doors of freedom for all. Join Olymp Trade, advance your skills and discover your freedom!

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