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USDT Accounts on Olymp Trade: A Hot CryptoParty

USDT Accounts on Olymp Trade - Official Olymp Trade Blog

Summer is not only sun and heat but also includes a hot offer from Olymp Trade! 😉

We recently introduced USDT (Tether) accounts, and you can choose them for trading now. This guide will explain Tether accounts and the benefits you can expect from using them.


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What Are Cryptocurrency and Stablecoins?

Cryptocurrency is a cryptographically secured asset issued by a decentralized blockchain network. Crypto transactions are fast, private, cost-effective, borderless, and secure. Unlike fiat currency, crypto assets are not regulated or backed by any central authority like a government.

Most cryptocurrencies are highly volatile, while stablecoins like USDT have a fixed value pegged to a fiat currency or commodity. With low volatility, stablecoins combine the best of both worlds. Tether is a stable cryptocurrency token valued at $1 USD.

Advantages of the USDT Olymp Trade Account

If you are familiar with trading cryptocurrencies, opening a USDT Olymp trading account is the perfect way to take advantage of our unique offer and a range of benefits.

Here is a list of all the privileges that Olymp Trade provides traders with when funding an account and working with USDT:

  • If you use a USDT account, we upgrade your status faster. When you first replenish your account, the Advanced status will only require 100 USDT (instead of $500 USD), and the Expert status only requires 500 USDT (instead of $2,000 USD).
  • By funding your USDT account, you will receive a 50% discount on purchasing Olymp Trade Market extensions during the week. Please note that the promotion is valid for the first replenishment from 8 to 14 August. Remember that trading signals, strategies, indicators, and themes are available for you to purchase in the Market. Be sure to take advantage.
  • All traders will receive a Loot Box with a secret gift from the Olymp Trade team when they make their first deposit in USDT. It will help you trade more successfully.

What USDT Protocols Are Available on Olymp Trade?

Since USDT is implemented on different blockchains, you will need to make sure that you are transferring funds within the same network. Olymp Trade offers you a choice.

You can deposit or withdraw USDT based on four protocols:

  • TRC20 (USDT issued on TRON)
  • ERC20 (USDT issued on Ethereum)
  • Binance (USDT issued on Binance)
  • Omni (USDT issued via the Omni Layer of the Bitcoin blockchain)

How Do I Make a Crypto Wallet?

To deposit and withdraw USDT, you will also need to install a crypto wallet. The process may vary depending on the wallet provider and your preferences.

It usually looks like this:

  • Create an account on a trusted exchange that supports USDT (TRC20), USDT (ERC20), USDT (Binance), or USDT (Omni). Follow the system's instructions.
  • Log in to your account.
  • Use the mobile/desktop app to find USDT in the list of available wallets. Enter your USDT wallet and select a network such as Tron.
  • Click "Deposit" to see your USDT wallet address, which looks like a long string of random characters. You will need it to send money to your wallet.
  • Deposit funds using a credit card or other payment method available in your country.

Basically, the simple process resembles a regular currency exchange. This will not be difficult if you have some experience with electronic payment systems.

How Do I Withdraw Funds from a USDT Account?

To withdraw funds, you need to make a few mouse clicks.

Follow the simple instructions below:

  • Go to Payments → Withdraw.
  • Specify the amount you want to withdraw. Withdrawals are processed by the same system you used for depositing funds.
  • Enter the receiving address generated by your matching USDT wallet.

A commission is applied to all USDT withdrawals to cover the transaction costs.

USDT ProtocolCommision
USDT (Binance)1 USDT + 1%
USDT (Omni)10 USDT

How Long Will It Take to Process My USDT Deposit/Withdrawal?

Transaction processing time may vary depending on the blockchain load.

Normally, it takes about 10 minutes. If your transaction is not processed within 24 hours, please notify our Support Team.

Minimum Deposit AmountMaximum Deposit Amount
Minimum Withdrawal AmountMaximum Withdrawal Amount

However, if you are not an experienced user and are not familiar with cryptocurrencies, take a look at some of the basics. We also recommend taking a look at our cryptocurrency trading guide.

Now is a Great Time to Trade Cryptocurrency

The Olymp trading platform USDT account is our unique offering to make your trading more productive. Whether you are a beginner or an advanced trader, join and use all the special features of Olymp Trade. Go and take advantage of all the benefits of the USDT account.

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