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Olymp Trade: Broker, educator, trading platform and much more

What is Olymp Trade Broker and much more - Official Olymp Trade Blog

What is Olymp Trade? Even those who are new to the platform may have trouble explaining all that Olymp Trade is. An international broker, educator and prolific trading platform are three of the more obvious ways to describe us, but there is more than meets the eye.

As a multifunctional service provider, Olymp Trade strives to redefine the world of finance by tearing down traditional institutional barriers This article details the facets and important features of Olymp Trade.


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What Olymp Trade offers

Olymp Trade is an international broker, educator and philanthropist, offering much more than an award-winning trading platform.

Olymp Trade Platform Interface - Official Olymp Trade Blog

As a broker, Olymp Trade is focused on creating the best trading environment for everyone, no matter their socioeconomic status. We maintain some of the lowest deposits and withdrawal minimums to ensure that everyone has the opportunity to enter the world of trading.

Stylish yet simple, the interface takes the complication out of trading. This streamlines the process, stripping away the barriers holding people back from beginning their journey.

However, an opportunity is often wasted when misunderstood. Since nobody’s born knowing how to profit from trading in live markets, Olymp Trade created an educational suite for our users to study trading that is added to on a daily basis.

Untested knowledge often leads to poor results, which is why every trader is provided with a free demo account. Testing strategies, mastering indicators and building up confidence, all without risking or spending a dollar.

What is Olymp Trade? It is your one-stop-shop for all your trading needs — from learning the absolute basics to forging your own financial future — everything you need is in one place. As a member of the International Financial Commission, Olymp Trade provides a top-class service exceeding the highest industry standards. Olymp Trade is a broker that wants to make the lives of its users better in every way possible, which is why traders around the world choose this platform.

Trading with Olymp Trade

Trade on Forex and Fixed Time Trades modes 24/7, any day of the year. Whether they be novices or pro traders, our users have everything they need to learn, grow and trade.

Boasting over 170 of the most popular assets from sectors around the world, there is always something interesting to trade on with Olymp Trade. Trade on stocks, commodities, indices, cryptocurrencies and more in two different trading modes.

Forex trading on Olymp Trade allows traders to profit from the price movement of an asset. The more the price moves in a chosen direction, the more profit a trade may earn. Traders can multiply their trades by up to 500x. This tool, alongside Stop Loss and Take Profit measures creates a lucrative and secure trading opportunity. A deposit of $10 may become $5,000, drastically increasing returns, but beware that in the case of an unsuccessful trade, the losses are just as dear. On the other hand, Olymp Trade’s users never lose more than the trade is worth.

Fixed Time Trades mode on Olymp Trade gives users the opportunity to profit from price movements by setting a time frame and establishing an opening price. Let’s say for example that you open a five-minute, $100 Up trade on the S&P 500 for an 80% profit. Your trade asserts that the closing price will be above the opening price within five minutes. If the price is higher than it was when the trade was opened, then the trade is successful and you receive $180.

If you want to invest rather than just trade, our Stocks mode is available. This is a trading mechanic based on stocks as an underlying asset, where the key assets are fractional units of company stocks. Some stocks on regular markets may seem unattractive to invest in because they are so expensive. However, the Olymp Trade team has solved this problem by providing fractional units of the same stocks at reasonable prices. The value of each of these units on Olymp Trade’s Stocks mode is relative to the real value of its corresponding stock. With classic investing, this is simply not possible, but Olymp Trade aims to provide the same investment opportunities to everyone, rather than only to the more financially fortunate. Some of the assets on Stocks mode are available in other trading modes on Olymp Trade, while others are unique to this trading mode, such as  Astra Zeneca or  L’Oreal. You can buy them and hold them for as long as you like, and then sell them when the price goes up.

Whether on a browser, desktop or phone, Olymp Trade makes it possible to trade anywhere. All of this is to give Olymp Trade clients a trading experience that exceeds their expectations.

What makes Olymp Trade different

Olymp Plus suite interface – the official Olymp Trade Blog

Focusing on making positive changes in the lives of people around the world has led Olymp Trade to reevaluate how it defines its role. The platform’s user-centric experience gives traders the necessary tools to grow their skills and abilities at their own pace.

The Olymp Trade community is full of international and local traders who communicate and work together to build each other up. These local groups on Facebook and other platforms give traders the chance to learn from shared experience, strengthen strategies and discuss market trends.

Trading tools separate retail traders from serious day traders, and the Olymp Plus suite has four tools in one location. Asset information, trading insights, FAQs, and educational materials all on the same site and app. Dive into more than 180 assets that are available to trade in the Assets section.

Olymp Trade’s Insights section is an economic calendar with so much to offer. It provides fundamental analysis by showing which assets could be impacted by certain events and how prices could react — all in a scrollable news feed. Traders utilize this information to capitalize on coming market moves. This single tool has revolutionized trading.

Participate in webinars, learn about Olymp Trade tools and strategies, then practice them on a free demo account with 10,000 demo units. In webinars, professional traders and analysts bring attendees on an educational journey, exploring different crucial topics ranging from “What is Olymp Trade?” to specialized trading advice in “Expert Trading Sessions.”

While people learn in different ways, there are luckily many others who are willing to teach. Olymp Trade’s official YouTube channel has around 1,000 videos from traders and analysts offering a wealth of information.

Olymp Trade’s free, replenishable demo account allows traders to practice strategies using trading tools and money management strategies without risking real money. Practice makes profits while keeping your money safe.

Is Olymp Trade fun?

Olymp Trade prides itself on the trading environment it creates for its clients. Tournaments, local contests and giveaways are some of the many perks traders receive. Platforms need more than shiny new assets to stand out, which is why Olymp Trade pushes the envelope.

Trading can be a very enjoyable experience, but there is nothing like some good, healthy competition. Battling traders across the globe or your country in a race to reach the top of the leaderboard excites like nothing else. Every trade brings you closer to the top by providing XP that move you up the list.

Our users compete for prize pots as high as $500,000. With up to 40 daily and tournament winners along with Individual and Community tasks, Olymp Trade gives tons of its users a chance to win. Tournaments are just the tip of the iceberg.

Trader’s Way makes sure that every trader is a winner in the long run. Earning XP moves you along Trader’s Way, so the more you earn, the better your rewards. You can get exclusive tools, strategies and statuses — all from trading and nothing more. Travel along Trader’s Way and see how far you can go.

All traders have their own strategies and goals that require them to take different approaches to trading. To accommodate these differences, Olymp Trade has three statuses: Starter, Advanced and Expert, each more prestigious than the last. Higher-status traders get faster withdrawals, higher trade limits, and larger payout tools to improve both trading and profits.

Learn more about statuses and their perks here.

Olymp Trade continues to innovate and revolutionize the trading experience, but this broker is more than just a trading platform.

Giving back

Olymp Trade believes that a successful business should not exist purely for its own benefit. To back up our words with action, we designate some of our profits to bring positive change to communities in need.

We are committed to providing relief in the form of urgent post-disaster support. After the floods in Vietnam, a slew of natural disasters in Indonesia, and the devastation left by COVID-19 in India, Egypt and Mexico, the Olymp Trade team was there to help. Working together with local partners, helpers assembled to deliver and distribute thousands of emergency packages to affected households. Families were provided with food, personal hygiene supplies and protective equipment to help them survive these harder times.

Charity missions – the official Olymp Trade Blog

Our mission comprises two missions in one: Making the world a more opportune place, and giving back. Neither work is ever truly done, but doing it makes a difference. Olymp Trade is determined to be the change it wants to see in the world.


So, what is Olymp Trade? A modern, dynamic brand pushing the boundaries of what it means to be an international broker. An active, socially responsible business that meets all of the challenges of the new millennium. A broker making a tangible difference in people’s lives.

Olymp Trade has created an environment lush with opportunities that allow traders to thrive. The tools and resources needed for success are founded on a philosophy of helping everyone equally. From educational tools and demo accounts to tournaments and charitable activities, Olymp Trade works tirelessly to make the world a bit better.

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Risk warning: The contents of this article do not constitute investment advice, and you bear sole responsibility for your trading activity and/or trading results.