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Olymp Trade Football Festival: Trade for victory

The world’s biggest football cup is coming up, and the Olymp Trade team is gearing up for it along with fans from all over the world. To support the world’s preeminent football event, we’re launching the Olymp Trade Football Festival — an online celebration of unprecedented scale that combines trading and football. Sign up, trade daily and become the champion of two exciting worlds! 🏆

The Olymp Trade Football Festival will take place on our platform and social media from Nov. 14 to Dec. 18.

With its intensity, duration, and the number of activities open for participation, our Football Festival is set to be our most unforgettable event yet. Get ready to pump yourself up for the excitement of the fight, the spirit of competition and exciting contests, with lots of prizes and gifts up for grabs!

This year marks the 22nd football cup, the final part of which is scheduled to be held from Nov. 20 to Dec. 18, 2022 in Qatar.


  • Ronaldinho Trading Cup
  • USDT Marathon
  • From online to offline
  • Battles, leagues, prizes and victories

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Ronaldinho Trading Cup

Under the auspices of Olymp Trade’s ambassador and superstar football player Ronaldinho, our massive trading tournament, the Ronaldinho Trading Cup, will be held on the platform from Nov. 14 to 18.

Ronaldinho Trading Cup matches will be held in three leagues split up by trader status: Starter, Advanced and Expert. Participants will be trading in Fixed Time Trades and Forex modes, completing tournament tasks and gaining experience points (XP) to get a slice of the $100,000 prize pool.

Each league will have its leaderboards showing your progress to victory and providing awards daily! Depending on their position on the leaderboard, the top 50 players in each league will receive either cash or experience points (XP), depending on position by the end of the Trading Cup. The results of the competitions will be announced on Nov. 19 and 20.

Get inspired by Ronaldinho’s perseverance, determination and professionalism, and let these qualities guide you to success. Your cup. Your trades. Your win!

Join the Ronaldinho Trade Cup!

USDT Marathon

Trading on USDT accounts on Olymp Trade is gaining traction. It’s not just a convenient way to fund your account but also an opportunity to win gifts and bonuses from our platform. Now we are launching the USDT Marathon, which consists of two events with a total prize pool of 10,000 USDT.

The first of these events is being launched for those who have not yet tried out a USDT account on Olymp Trade. From 12:00 am on Nov. 21 to 12:00 am on Nov. 23, prizes worth a total of 5,000 USDT will be distributed among the first 1,000 users who make their first deposit into a live USDT account and make a trade from it.

That’s not all — for making the first deposit to your USDT account, you get a loot box with some serious perks!

Taking place right after the first, the second event is on from 12:00 am on Nov. 23 to 12:00 am on Nov. 26. Risk-free trades worth a total of 5,000 USDT will be distributed among the first 500 users who make 150 live transactions on their USDT account.

That means USDT beginners can participate in two of our events at once and get a real head start in trading! All prizes will be credited from Nov. 28 to 30.

 Make a deposit in USDT and join the USDT Marathon!

From online to offline

However, let’s get back to football. Watch world football matches together with Olymp Trade! We’ve prepared a pleasant surprise for our users in the real world. Now, cheering on your favorite football team will be even more fun!

From Nov. 21 to Nov. 27, a unique offline promotion is waiting for you.

What is it? You’ll find out everything in due course. We guarantee you’ll love it!  ❤️

Battles, leagues, prizes and victories

During the third and fourth week of the festival, from Nov. 28 to Dec. 11, the main competitions will take place in our Battle Rooms.

These are part of a new kind of trader competition available in FTT mode for trading on a live account. You can find them in the “Events” section or just follow this link.

There will be two competitions: the first from Nov. 29 to Dec. 4, and the second from Dec. 5 to 11. At the end of each week, the best traders will receive prizes 🎁

All you need to do is log into the Battle Room and click on “Search for Opponents.” We choose an opponent for you, and you trade as usual. The one who earns the most within eight minutes wins experience points, which can be spent on bonuses and perks in Trader’s Way.

Another one of our innovations will be available to try out during the Olymp Trade Football Festival — leagues.

Once you enter a league, you will be put in direct competition with other users of your level. Nothing out of the ordinary is required in order to win — simply trade on a live account and accumulate XP. Make sure to check the League Card in the Events section to see how much XP you have. If you’re looking to fast-track your way to the top, then completing the daily tasks in your profile or participating in battles will get you there! Rank among the best traders in your league and get loot boxes!

Ready, set… Go!

Of course, all of the above is only part of our grand celebration of the preeminent football event of the year. There is so much more to come — our Instagram subscribers will even get a chance to win an autographed Ronaldinho jersey! All you need to do to enter the running for it is try out our new Instagram face filter. Follow us on Instagram — there are a lot of interesting things to see and do.

In addition, we’ll be launching new, unique football-themed products.

We have even more special surprises for the last week of the football world championship and our festival. What are they? It’s a secret for now! Participate in the Olymp Trade Football Festival, the final will be just as spectacular as the championship’s 😉

Take a deep breath, find your moment — and go for gold! 🏅

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