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Olymp Trade announces B-day Quest

SMM Quest on Olymp Trade – Official Olymp Trade Blog

Olymp Trade is eight years old! Since the platform’s inception, our path has been intrinsically linked with expanding the horizons of our users’ financial freedom. That’s right — what’s motivating our platform’s development is you, our favorite traders! And we want to show our gratitude 💚

Olymp Trade’s birthday is not only a cause for celebration, but also an opportunity to take part in competitions.

In honor of our eighth anniversary, we are announcing a festive B-day Quest that will run from Oct. 20 to 31.

Find out how to participate and the prizes that await the winners!


  • How will the quest go?
  • Prize fund
  • Freedom with Olymp Trade

How will the quest go?

Posts with tasks for the festive B-day Quest will be published every days (except weekends) on Olymp Trade’s Facebook page. All our traders need to do to participate is follow the prompt posted on the page.

The tasks can include one or some of the following:

  • Subscribing to the linked channel
  • Leaving likes or comments on a specified post

Next, you’ll need to fill out a Google Form with your Olymp Trade ID, a link to the social media profile used to participate, and a screenshot of your participation. Doing this will put you in the running for the prize fund! 

Prize fund

We believe that regardless of race, gender, creed or religion, everyone can succeed. With a focus on financial freedom for all, we’ve decided to make everyone a winner for our birthday. This means that each participant will receive a prize!

All users who have participated in at least one task will be entered into a prize draw, for which a randomizer will be used to select winners. A very special prize awaits those who complete all the event’s tasks: a smartphone.

Freedom with Olymp Trade

We believe that freedom is a reflection of unshakeable determination in reaching a goal. That’s why we organize events where everyone’s a winner. The Olymp Trade team is so excited to launch this quest, which honors the concept our platform is built upon.

Don’t forget to follow our Facebook, Instagram, Telegram and Olymp Trade YouTube channel so as not to miss current and future event announcements!

For eight years, Olymp Trade has advanced forward without ever slowing the pace. This has been made possible by our millions of traders from all over the planet. We thank you for being among them. If you’re not with us yet, register an account and progress financially with us on a platform tailored to helping you succeed!

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