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Olymp Trade’s Trading Premier League

Olymp Trade’s Trading Premier League Cover - Official Olymp Trade Blog

To celebrate the Indian Premier League together with all cricket fans, Olymp Trade has launched an equally exciting event from May 23-30 which allows traders to score a six on the trading field. Joining the Trading Premier League, or TPL 2022, users will collect 11 player cards, upgrade them to collect runs, spend them on trading perks and features, and compete for amazing prizes!

The total prize fund event is $1,000,000. Out of that, $10,000 will be distributed in cash prizes among the Top-50 winners, and the remaining $990,000 is the total worth of rewards to be obtained in the course of the event while upgrading the cards.

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  • Event’s Dates and Location
  • Event Prizes and Objectives
  • Join the TPL 2022 to Win Big

Event’s Dates and Location

The Trading Premier League starts on May 23 and ends on May 29. Traders will have a full week to score maximum runs, collect player cards, get rewards by upgrading them, and compete for the top prize.

On May 30, the event’s results and scores will be shared, and the Top-50 participants on the leaderboard will be announced.

While traders will be notified about the event through all Olymp Trade’s channels of communication beforehand, the tournament will be accessible in the Events section of the platform.

Event Prizes and Objectives

The total prize fund of the Trading Premier League is $1,000,000. Out of that, $10,000 will be distributed in cash prizes among the Top-50 winners who will be the first to collect and upgrade a full player team. The remaining $990,000 is the total worth of perks and rewards traders will receive while upgrading their player cards.

To start the process, traders will do various tasks. Mostly, these tasks will consist of opening and closing profitable trades on specific instruments. By doing this, traders will receive runs, which is the currency of the event.

Olymp Trade’s Trading Premier League Prizes - Official Olymp Trade Blog

With those runs, the event participants will be able to buy player cards as if they were collecting a team of cricket players. There are a total of 11 such cards with nine to ten upgrade levels, and the ultimate goal is to upgrade them all fast.

Every time traders upgrade a card, they will receive points that add to their score on the events leaderboard. Also, they will receive rewards, including XP, promo codes, Expert status for 30 days, risk-free trades, strategies, bonuses, and Loot Boxes. As mentioned above, the total worth of these features is $990,000.

All the event’s participants who manage to upgrade at least one card will get a reward. In the meantime, the Top-50 winners will receive their share of the event’s final cash prize pool of $10,000.

Olymp Trade’s Trading Premier League Avaliability - Official Olymp Trade Blog

By the way, do you want to have the TPL wallpaper on your mobile device or desktop to set your mood for the great event? Download it right below!

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Join the TPL 2022 to Win Big

The Trading Premier League is the first of its kind event on the Olymp Trade platform. Essentially, it lets you feel like you are a team member or a coach in the IPL. Additionally, you can win amazing prizes while competing for share in the total prize fund of $1,000,000. Hurry up, it’s time for a big game!

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