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Ronaldinho × Olymp Trade: 8 victories and 8 years of excellence

Ronaldinho × Olymp Trade: Celebrating 8 years — Official Olymp Trade Blog

Icon, philanthropist, genius and legend are all synonymous with the name Ronaldinho. The international superstar has left a mark on the world’s most beloved game in ways that only a few that have walked on two legs ever will.

What is perhaps the most endearing achievement of Ronaldinho’s career can’t be seen on the shelves of accolades typically used to measure success in one’s craft. That intangible achievement is changing the game entirely — a sentiment that Olymp Trade has striven towards in our own field over the course of the last eight years.


⚽ Humble beginnings

Before Ronaldino became the Gaucho we all know and love, he was a young boy living in Porto Alegre with a love and passion for a simple game — so simple, in fact, that all he needed was a ball. He preferred playing with it on the beach or in a gym, where he honed his signature ability to control and manipulate its movement.

Over the next few years, Ronaldinho poured his sweat and tears into becoming an exceptional football player. Eventually, he earned a chance to join the ranks of a local professional club as a young man, changing the trajectory of his life and that of his loved ones forever.

Olymp Trade’s achievement wades in the subtext of Ronaldinho’s earliest accomplishment: providing accessibility to trading for anyone and everyone. Without a ball, Ronaldinho would never have begun his journey to stardom, and without access to the tools and derivative assets provided by Olymp Trade, many investors would never begin their journey to financial freedom.

👟 Creating space

Ronaldo de Assis Moreira, better known by many as Ronaldinho, flashed into the world of professional football with incredible instincts and a propensity for finding the ball at his feet. He quickly became known for his ingenuity and unconventional foot skills, along with clever displays of creativity.

Like Ronaldinho, Olymp Trade has blasted off into the financial world with a class platform infrastructure and interface, pushing the boundaries of what can be delivered to our users in an easy yet effective manner since our start in 2014. We have routinely delivered fresh trading instruments, educational material and trading strategies for our users, outclassing many of our worldwide competitors in what has been eight marvelous years of opening doors for others.

🌎 Global icon

Early in his professional career, the Gaucho helped his home and country climb the ladder of international success. Spanning one of the most dominant tours in international history, Ronaldinho played a significant role stringing together a youth world championship, a World Cup championship and a Copa América championship in a matter of just four years.

We have continued to grow since Olymp Trade’s inception, now operating in 194 countries and over 13 languages. Hosting over 60 million user accounts across the globe and growing, Olymp Trade is an international giant on the path of delivering financial freedom to the masses.

🏟️ Redefining greatness

After achieving the pinnacle of international success so early in his career, Ronaldinho found himself catapulted into the spotlight, signing with one of the largest football clubs in the world. Wasting no time, Ronnie captured the hearts of the football world, delivering mind-bending performances and feats that would rival even the greatest players that had graced the pitch before him. He was no longer playing football — he was redefining it.

Redefining an industry as large as financial brokerage is a tough task, one that has withstood the test of many institutions throughout history. Olymp Trade has not only achieved this feat, but has done so for the betterment of everyone from all economic backgrounds. Providing underlying assets and reducing the capital investment barrier has unveiled a new age of accessible and affordable trading to the world. With an initial investment from as low as $1, anyone can start their path to financial freedom. Check us out and become a force to be reckoned with on the markets!

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❤️ Small player, big heart

From his humble beginnings, Ronaldinho maintains a philanthropic attitude, founding the Ronaldinho Foundation and giving back to his and many underprivileged communities across the globe by collecting funds for those with less fortunate health.

The right to a decent life is a founding principle of Olymp Trade, one that we take very seriously. A portion of all profits from the platform are channeled into bringing positive changes across many of the local communities we operate in. Olymp Trade engages in funding and helping bring positive growth to vulnerable communities to ease poverty, as well as providing funding for humanitarian groups that supply emergency aid to disaster victims worldwide.

🏆 Playing through

In the world of sports, setbacks are commonplace, and one of the most serious of these setbacks is injury. Over the years, pushing your body to its limits causes physical wear and tear. In 2005, Ronaldinho suffered an injury for the first time in his career: damage to his achilles tendon, located in the foot and presenting a large obstacle.

During that same season, Ronaldinho was met with another new injury to his leg. With incredible fortitude, however, he maintained his commitment and drive to achieve success. Despite everything, Ronnie was awarded the FIFA World Player of the Year award that very same season after leading his club to a league championship.

It’s crucial to understand that pushing through and continuing your commitment to excellence in times of adversity will help you overcome any problem. Olymp Trade is no stranger to these barriers and challenges — our groundbreaking progress was nearly completely halted due to the cataclysmic effects of the COVID-19 pandemic, a challenge that many companies worldwide sadly succumbed to.

Olymp Trade is ever focused on the future and has a willingness to adapt and continue our mission to deliver the best possible products and services to the people of the world.

🥇 A living legend

While the intangible achievements above have tremendous value and ripple change across the world, these achievements are recognized by more than just the people involved. The personal trophy case of Olymp Trade’s esteemed ambassador is overflowing with trophies, medals and recognitions, but it is important to note what they represent: a continued commitment to excellence, not just achievement.

As a continued leader of excellence, Olymp Trade was awarded the Best Mobile Platform by the World of Finance in 2021, and we aim to maintain this achievement alongside our 2021 award for Best Investment Broker at the Forex Expo.

🥰 Standing ovation

Ronaldinho’s greatest impact can be summed up with one of the greatest moments in sports history. After a display from Ronnie in one of the greatest league championship contests against a longest-standing and equally talented rival, Ronaldinho was met with one of the most memorable moments in the history of the game.

Ronaldinho was given a standing ovation by the passionate fans of his opposition team despite their defeat in their own stadium. This was a gesture so rare, it had only occurred once before in the century that these rival heavyweights had been playing against each other. A beautiful display of unity and respect that personifies Ronaldinho’s greatest quality: the ability to inspire and bring joy to anyone and everyone.

Olymp Trade resonates with a deep belief that inspiring change and bringing the joy and fulfillment of financial freedom to the world will make it a better place for everyone. Opening the doors to financial freedom and allowing people to forge their own future — whether that be increasing one’s income to provide more for their family, funding a vacation for some rest and relaxation, or mastering trading as a hobby. Every answer for why you should trade is the right one, and Olymp Trade is here to make sure you have the ultimate experience when you choose to.

♾️ Create your own legacy

So far, we have followed the incredible career of Ronaldinho and some of the most important parallels that are shared between him and Olymp Trade. We are celebrating our eighth birthday and are excited to invite you to start building your own story. Explore your financial freedom with Olymp Trade and Ronaldinho!

We hope this article has inspired you to take the first step in your journey. If you are curious about learning more within the sphere of financial trading, then visit us here for more information.

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