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Shikhar × Olymp Trade: Rule your way

Shikhar and Olymp Trade — Official Olymp Trade Blog

We’re happy to introduce Olymp Trade’s official partner — Shikhar Dhawan, an international cricketer, and one of India’s top scorers, the first player in IPL history to score two back-to-back centuries (cricket fans, you know 😉).

For Olymp Trade, this isn’t just a business collaboration with a world-famous sports legend, but a partnership founded on like-minded ideals and a big step toward big and bright opportunities that we get to share with you.


Why Shikhar?

Shikhar’s life path and career resonate with Olymp Trade’s spirit and goals. He perceives the cricket field as a battlefield, where he has gracefully won victory after victory, pushing the boundaries of what's been done before him Shikhar completely indulges in the game, turning everything he does and loves into a passion. He inspires people worldwide to believe in themselves, overcome setbacks, and set an example for the next generation.

Olymp Trade believes the qualities to be an outstanding representation of what makes a successful trader, and is excited to welcome Shikhar to the ever growing roster of exceptional ambassadors. We strive to motivate traders to learn new skills, persevere in the face of adversity, develop themselves, grow and arm individuals with every resource to elevate their chances of success. As Shikhar has hit, scored, and raced into the hearts of cricket fans, our mission is to inspire millions around the world with a love for trading.

An incredible past and exciting future

To become a world-famous professional cricketer, Shikhar has been consistently practicing and developing his skills. Olymp Trade encourages traders to develop their trading skills by introducing new tools, running contests, and providing educational material and analytics. By joining our platform, traders get a wealth of opportunities to improve their skills and master their trading techniques.

Like no one else, Shikhar knows that his career success directly depended on a sharp mind and hard training. Shikhar made the most of his time by using the facilities provided by his professional team to master his craft. In trading, the same axiom applies — you continuously learn, acquire and accept new knowledge, practice, use these skills to execute your mission. Then, the process repeats.

Olymp Trade provides its traders with ample learning opportunities through its vast array of educational material, webinars, video lessons, insights and more. Keep an eye on Olymp Trade’s Blog and Help section to learn all you need to know and join the Olymp Trade Team where we invest in our clients success.

Step onward to success with Shikhar and Olymp Trade

Ambition is the quality that sets Shikhar apart from other athletes. His motto is to achieve success despite obstacles. Olymp Trade encourages ambition and empowers its traders to succeed no matter what.

Don’t have experience? Try a demo account and get acquainted with all you need to know for free on Olymp Trade Blog.

Not much in savings? The minimum deposit to get started is just $1. Traders have all the means to get in the game and uncover their potential.

This is just the beginning! Get inspired for your future trading victories by analyzing the qualities of a great cricketer. Set goals, gain experience and become a professional in trading with Olymp Trade!

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