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Shikhar and Olymp Trade recommend: 5 articles for beginner traders

Top Articles From Shikhar Dhawan — Official Olymp Trade Blog

Whether starting a sports career or a trading journey, beginners need support. Being a reliable coach for traders, we provide all the necessary materials to study trading, level up skills, and get the most out of the markets.

Together with our ambassador Shikhar Dhawan, we have collected articles that are useful for beginner traders to get them better acquainted with trading. Make yourself comfortable and enjoy our brilliant picks.


1️⃣ Introduction to risk management in stock trading

Big wins imply big risks, don’t they? In both trading and sports, you can’t avoid the tricky moments, failures or losses. What you can do, though, is minimize those risks by accurately assessing your strengths, skills and the playing field. That’s why risk management is key to long-term success. Read more about risk management in our article written by one of Olymp Trade’s devoted traders.

2️⃣ Cryptocurrency market forecast

Whether you’re standing ready at the wicket or traversing the crypto market, the situation can change unpredictably in an instant.

However, if you analyze the game in advance and prepare for all possible outcomes, you can benefit from any change, be it a market crash or a change in your opponent’s tactics.

3️⃣ Ten simple trading techniques with Olymp Trade

In sports, as in trading, the result largely depends on the techniques and strategies used by players. Experienced traders know that trading without a strategy is like playing cricket with your eyes closed. Are you someone who strives to control the process instead of trading blindly, hoping for a lucky shot? Our article on 10 effective and simple trading techniques on Olymp Trade is a must-read for you.

4️⃣ Get to know the major stock indices

Becoming part of a well-coordinated team is a necessary step for success in both sports and trading. In financial terms, stock indices are a kind of team, and stocks are their players. If all index members win, the index goes up and makes a profit. But if they lose, then you incur losses. Our article on the major stock indices will help you become part of the winning team in the world of finance.

5️⃣ How leverage works in the Forex market

Shikhar Dhawan has built an illustrious sports career using every avenue available to him. In trading, one cannot ignore trading leverage, also known as a multiplier. With this booster, you can improve your financial results in a short timeframe. Ready to test it? Keep your risk management strategy in mind and learn more about this strategy that will help you succeed in the Forex market.

🏏 It’s game on!

Once you’ve read these five essential articles for beginner traders, keep exploring Official Olymp Trade Blog. Together with Shikhar, we’ll be providing you with more useful content to help you succeed in trading, like our ambassador did in cricket. Subscribe to our blog and keep an eye out for Shikhar’s pick releases.

Risk warning: The contents of this article do not constitute investment advice, and you bear sole responsibility for your trading activity and/or trading results.