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Diwali charity event with Shikhar Dhawan

Gifts from the Heart: Good deeds for Diwali – Official Olymp Trade Blog

The Olymp Trade team remains committed to giving back by holding charity events. We believe that social responsibility is something that any strong business should undertake. Now, you have the opportunity to do good deeds with us!

Diwali is the most important Hindu holiday. Revered all over the world, it personifies the victory of good over evil and is celebrated in warm circles of friends and relatives. People decorate their houses, light fires and set off fireworks on this beautiful holiday. Diwali’s atmosphere inspires good deeds, which is one reason why this holiday is traditionally accompanied by charitable initiatives.

On this sacred holiday, the focus is on family values and the desire to help loved ones. Our hearts here at Olymp Trade are warmed by the support that our traders provide each other. We can see that our community is full of kind and caring people. That is why we want to join hands with you in giving back to the local community together by helping those who need it the most. We truly believe that sharing can make a difference!


  • Gifts from the Heart
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Gifts from the Heart

From Oct. 22 to Oct. 26, during the Diwali celebration, Olymp Trade will be raising funds for our charity event, Gifts from the Heart.

The collected funds will be donated to the Shikhar Dhawan Foundation, the charitable foundation of Olymp Trade ambassador and famed cricketer Shikhar Dhawan. The Shikhar Dhawan Foundation actively undertakes charitable endeavors for aiding the education system, cancer patients and promoting environmental programs.

A part of Olymp Trade’s profits from Oct. 22 to Oct. 26 will go straight to the Shikhar Dhawan Foundation.

The proceeds will go to support one of the most socially and economically vulnerable groups in society: the homeless.

Join our charity!

Make this Diwali even more special by taking part in our Gifts from the Heart charity event. All you need to do is purchase a special charity item in our Market. The total amount donated will be displayed on a dedicated page and updated once an hour.

By participating, you become a partner in our mission to help those in need and a good example of the kind heroes that make up our vibrant community.

Click here to contribute to the charity fund.

The Olymp Trade team will keep you updated about the results of our charity event. Even more charitable initiatives are ahead! After all, giving a helping hand is one of the inherent characteristics of humanity. Contribute to our charity fund this Diwali and make a real difference in the lives of the disadvantaged.

Donate to charity

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