6 Years Together: Traders Who Inspire Us

Inspiring stories of the Olymp Traders

10 Inspiring Stories

As celebrations and events continue, we believe that it’s time to shine the light on the main star of our festivities — you. We truly believe that our community is the best among other platforms, and we want you to know that. You always inspire and motivate us to improve, so we decided to share 10 stories that really resonate with us.


Yanto Sitanggang

One of our most active traders, he got into the Top 10 Contributors lists for 3 months in a row. Educational videos, motivational posts, withdrawal proofs — he posts all of that and more. Not only that, but he is also quick to help novice traders with their questions and troubles.

Worawong Pattanawong

If you’ve spent any time in our community, chances are that you’ve heard about Worawong Pattanawong. One of the first traders on our platform, he is a very recognizable figure. After all, not only he has many followers on social media, he also has a Trader of the Year award for 2018 from Olymp Trade.

Mohd Fadil

An extremely helpful person, Mohd Fadil was there since the beginning of the Olymp Trade Malaysia FB group. You can often find him helping people out in the comments, or sharing his trading strategies with novice traders.

Rodrigo Baggio

Another helpful trader, Rodrigo is a huge help to the Brazilian Olymp Trade community. He is open to questions and often shares his experience with novice traders in comments.

Ibelema Precious

Have you ever seen posts with graphical descriptions on our FB groups? If so, then there’s a chance that you already know about Ibelema Precious. One of our most resourceful users, he is great at creating educational posts.

Arvind Sharma

Arvind Sharma is a bit of a special case for us. One of the greatest contributors to our Indian community, he publishes lots of educational and informational posts. What really singles him out, though, is his kindness to other traders. He is always there to help, to hear them out, and to motivate them. You can even say that he is one of the pillars of the local community.

Teache Mae Aquino

An active trader from Philippines, Teache Mae Aquino is very involved in our community. She is eager to inspire others with kind words and advice, and the positive impact she makes on them is easy to see.

Igor Zhyh

Igor is one of our most active users, he is always out there, participating in our contests, events, and tournaments. Not only that but he also openly shares his strategies and opinions on trading with others. As such, it is no surprise that he has quite a following in our community.

Daniel Peraza

Daniel is an active trader from Mexico, and you can often find him in the comments of our FB group. Here, he often takes part in trading strategy discussions, as well as gives advice to novice traders on how to work with the platform.

Camilo Barahona

A trader from our Colombian community, Camilo is always in the thick of the action. Be it a contest, or a discussion in the comments, you will find him there. At the same time, he also helps out people who don’t understand something on our platform.


Despite the fact that we chose only 10 traders for this post, it doesn’t mean that the rest of you don’t inspire us. Quite the opposite, in fact. It just would be difficult to tell about every single one of you. So, thank you for being with us, and keep an eye out for more events and news!

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