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China UnionPay & JCB on Olymp Trade

China UnionPay & JCB Are Now Accepted by Olymp Trade

Interest in the trading platform continues to grow in different countries. This is why Olymp Trade regularly updates its list of available payment methods.

Traders from India, Vietnam, Thailand, Indonesia and Malaysia from all over the world can now top up their accounts and withdraw funds using the China UnionPay and JCB payment methods cards.

One of the main advantages of these payment methods: the maximum amount of one-time deposit is confined only by platform limits — up to $15,000 per one deposit.


China UnionPay

The payment system of China became international long ago and is now used in more than 170 countries. By 2015, China UnionPay had outnumbered Visa in terms of transaction volume.



An international payment method from Japan has been in operation for more than 50 years. The JCB cards are issued in 23 countries and can be used in more than 190 countries.


Making a Deposit on Olymp Trade

The use of the new payment methods is almost the same for both of them. Here is a step-by-step guidance on how to top up the Olymp Trade account using a China UnionPay card:

Step 1. Click Deposit on the trading platform, select China UnionPay as a payment method and enter the amount of your deposit. You will be redirected to the payment page.


Step 2. Enter your card number and cardholder name.


Step 3. Fill in the card details: the validity and CVN2. You will need to request an SMS code to confirm the details. Enter it and complete the payment process.

If everything goes well, the money will be immediately available in your Olymp Trade account and you will be able to make trades.

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