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Four benefits of the Olymp Trade desktop app

Power, safety, comfort and regular updates

Olymp Trade aims at ensuring the smooth operation of services for clients from all over the world. To improve the quality of services, the company has developed its own app for Windows и mac OS.

Now traders can work real-time without using standard web browsers. All he or she has to do is to download a special program and work in it. At the same time, the platform’s interface with favorite indicators and analysis tools remains the same.


Where can I download it?

We recommend that you download the software from the official Olymp Trade website only. The latest version of the app for Windows и mac OS is always available via the link:

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Avoid unknown sources that offer to install a similar application. It will most likely harm your computer.


What are the advantages?

  1. Unlike the browser version, the app’s power focuses on the process of trading only. The official software has no third-party extensions or options to launch other processes that can negatively affect the performance.

If the capacity of your computer is not so high, we recommend that you use the Olymp Trade desktop app. By means of this program, you can avoid slowing or freezing of the platform.

  1. Your account is protected better. Having an autonomous working space, you prevent malware from putting your computer at risk, as soon as Olymp Trade is the only counteragent you exchange data with.
  2. The program is easy to use. It won’t take you much time to download the program and it doesn’t need much space. The setup file size is less than 50 MB.
  3. The app is regularly updated. When you launch the program, you will see if there are any updates available for your computer. You can download and install them in one click.

Conquer new peaks and increase your success with the official Olymp Trade desktop app!

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