How to Start the Week: Analytics and Forecasts — 16.08.2021

Fundamental analysis and forecasts for the future

Fears of Delta strain stem the world’s economic recovery rates.


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The Dow and the S&P 500 edged up on Friday, with both indices set to finish the week with gains, indicating that earnings performed better than expected. We can see that with Disney, as the company outshined expectations as its streaming platform gained more traction than expected by experts and competitors.

European stocks were on the course for a record-breaking run, hitting new heights on Friday. This is the latest strong week for European markets, as investors seize on the recent dip in US inflation rates, as well as the outperforming corporate earnings. FTSE 100 gained 0.38% to its price on the news, poised to rise even higher.

Eurostat reports an increase in European Union exports to Britain while the bloc’s exports to the rest of the world slightly dropped. Despite a volatile start of the UK’s first year outside of the bloc, it seems that the deal with the EU is working, as exports to the country increased by 4.7% in June.

Despite the recently passed infrastructure bill and the continuing growth of the economy, the US is facing a sharp drop in consumer sentiment, as the recent survey shows. It is a worrying issue, as faltering outlooks on inflation, employment, and personal finances can slow down the recovery rates, as investors will become more hesitant.


Fundamental breakdown


The US government chose Microsoft as one of the three big tech companies to participate in its new initiative focused on cybersecurity, building up the company’s government credentials.


Caterpillar is one of the companies profiting the most from the recent trends in the US economy, as the infrastructure bill will surely raise the demand for its products. It is already mirrored by the company’s stock growth of more than 3.4%.


The company aims to overcome logistical issues it currently faces via opening a new factory in Berlin, expanding Tesla’s global manufacturing capacity.
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