News, Trends, & Analytics 04.07.2019

Iran will continue increase reserves of enriched uranium

The U.S. trade deficit is definitely not shrinking, Tesla delivered big in Q2, & Iran uses enriched uranium to get Washington’s attention.



The U.S.’s trade deficit climbed 8.4% to a five-month high as imports of goods increased in May. Affects the USD

While calling on Washington to rejoin the pact, Iran will boost its uranium enrichment after July 7 beyond the cap set in the 2015 nuclear deal, President Hassan Rouhani said. Affects Brent

Shares of Tesla Inc jumped 8% on Wednesday after delivering a record number of 95,200 vehicles in the second quarter, quelling fears about demand for its sedans and SUVs. Affects Tesla

The European Commission dropped its threat of disciplinary action against Italy after Rome took action to bring in line its growing debt with the bloc’s fiscal rules. Affects the EUR

Fewer than expected Americans filing applications for unemployment benefits fell more than expected last week, pointing to sustained labor market strength that should help support a slowing economy. Affects the USD



09:10 GMT

The ECB’s Luis De Guindos and Andrea Enria will Speak. These speeches will reflect the way the central bank sees its role in the coming months. Likely to affect the euro.


Technical analysis


Problems with Iran could lead to new US sanctions for the oil sector, further shortening the global supply.

The chart should be remain above the range of 62-63.4 in order to move firmly into the bull zone.


If the price falls below 1.60600, the asset will be showing a strong bearish signal. The downtrend may extend to 1.60.


This asset has shown the Double Bottom reversal pattern. The asset should continue to grow.


Brent on this day

  • Since 2000, July 4th, has been a trading day 15 times.
  • On 40% of those days the asset ended with growth.
  • The maximum reinforcement range was 0.71%.
  • Trends down were limited to 0.59%.
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