News, Trends, & Analytics 15.05.2020

Tesla is pushing forward

Today, the focus is on IEA forecasts, rising unemployment in Australia, and the launch of Tesla’s improved Model 3.



Tesla began production of its Long Range Model 3 at a factory in Shanghai. Affects Tesla

The International Energy Agency predicts a decline in global reserves in the second half of the year. Affects Brent

Bank of Japan Governor Haruhiko Kuroda sees no reason for the additional interest rate cut. Affects JPY

Australia’s unemployment rate rose to a five-year high. Affects AUD

In an interview with Fox News, US President Donald Trump promised not to review the deal with China. Affects S&P 500



08:00 GMT

A preliminary report on German GDP for the I quarter of 2020 will be published. Forecast: -2.2%. If the real data is lower, EUR will continue to decline.

12:30 GMT

The base US retail sales index will be released. A drop of 8.6% is expected. If the amount is lower, the USD could come under pressure.

14:00 GMT

The number of job openings in the US job market (JOLTS) will be released. The previous period amounted to 6.882 million. If real data turns out to be lower, this will indicate a deterioration in the situation in the labor market and may lead to a decrease in USD.


Technical Analysis


Recently, Elon Musk and his Tesla have been heard more and more often. Firstly, he had a son. Secondly, he decided without permission of local authorities to open a plant in Fremont and in this received the support of US President. Now there is news about the launch of production at the factory in Shanghai, a customized version of Model 3 with an increased power reserve.

The company’s stock chart approached the resistance level of 840, but the prevailing positive background may help break this mark and update the historical maximum.

NTA 15.05 - EN_0

Dow Jones

One of the key US stock indices broke through the base of the “triple top” figure, which may indicate a return to the bearish trend.

NTA 15.05 - EN_0


The currency pair is trying to cope with the onslaught of the bears, but the breakdown of an important upward support level makes this scenario temporarily impossible. Traders will probably, bring the asset to 0.83800 and 0.83300.

NTA 15.05 - EN_0


NZD/CAD on this day in history

  • Since 2000, May 15th has been a trading day 15 times.
  • On 13% of those days, the asset finished trading with growth.
  • The maximum strengthening range was 0.56%.
  • The downward trend was limited to 1.71%.
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