News, Trends, & Analytics 18.11.2021

US Labor Market

Today the focus is on the US Jobless Claims report.



13:30 UTC

US Initial Jobless Claims will be out. Forecast: 260K. If the actual figure is higher than the forecast, USD may drop.

Assets to trade: EUR/USD, GBP/USD, USD/JPY



The US and Chinese presidents recently had a virtual meeting to resolve a number of issues between the two states. Affects Gold 

Ohio is suing Meta for more than $100B on misguidance related to the company’s kids protection measures. Affects Facebook

Amazon settled a lawsuit in California related to its alleged concealing of staff Covid infections from the local health authorities. Affects Amazon

Increasing inflation in the UK is putting FTSE under pressure. Affects FTSE 100

The US and Japan will likely sign a trade agreement that will deepen economic ties between the two countries. Affects JPY

An Alibaba-led consortium might take over the Chinese chip giant Tsinghua in an $8B deal. Affects Alibaba


Technical Analysis


This pair is now at a three-year high. One of the heavy contributing factors is JPY’s weakness due to an unclear economic outlook. With the new Prime Minister’s course, its positions may become firmer.

USD/JPY has crossed the previous high, and it now seems to be forming a new upswing. We believe it will go up above 115 in the near future.

FTSE 100

Despite the disappointment of high inflation, this index may cross 7,400 soon and continue the uptrend.


Ethereum is dropping as it follows Bitcoin, and 3,900 may be the nearest support threshold.

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