News, Trends, & Analytics 29.04.2020

Boeing refuses Embraer

Today, the focus is on Apple’s advantage in China, the resumption of Tesla’s main plant, and Boeing’s refusal to deal with Embraer



Discounts on the iPhone 11 and the release of the SE model add to Apple’s advantage in China. Affects Apple

Brazilian aircraft maker Embraer sues Boeing for disrupting a $4.2 billion deal. Affects Boeing

President Donald Trump said U.S. authorities will consider China’s liability measures for distributing COVID-19. Affects Gold

Tesla awaits the opening of its Fremont plant on May 4. Affects Tesla

The Munich Institute for Economic Research (IFO) expects a 6.6% reduction in the German economy. Affects EUR



12:00 GMT

The preliminary report on the U.S. GDP for the first quarter of 2020 will be published. Experts predict a negative indicator at -4%. If the real data turns out to be worse, the USD will receive a negative push.

14:00 GMT

The index of incomplete sales in the U.S. real estate market will be released. A decrease of -10% is expected. Coming in above the forecast will positively affect the USD rate.

14:30 GMT

The report on changes in Crude Oil Reserves in the U.S. is projected at 10 million barrels. If the real data is lower, Brent may show a positive trend.

18:00 GMT

The US Federal Reserve will decide on a key rate. Despite the fact that experts expect the indicator to remain at the level of 0.25%, the volatility of trading can increase sharply at the time of publication of the news.

18:30 GMT

The Fed will hold a press conference, within the framework of which forecasts on the US economy can be announced. Increased volatility is expected.


Technical Analysis


Boeing’s refusal to deal with the Brazilian company Embraer and form a joint venture was made public. Embraer has already filed a lawsuit to challenge the actions of the American competitor. However, the stock price of Boeing practically did not respond to this news. This indicates the likely bullish trend of the asset.

After the company’s shares held above 100, they showed the market its stability. In addition, investment companies continue to be optimistic about Boeing and do not lower forecasts for the target price of the asset — 175–180.

NTA 29.04 - EN_0


This currency pair has fallen below 107,000, therefore, its likelihood of a bearish trend.

NTA 29.04 - EN_0


The level of 0.98000 again showed stability, which launched another wave of sales of the US dollar. Probably, as part of the latest trend, we will see a breakdown of the upward support level.

NTA 29.04 - EN_0


USD/CHF on this day in history

  • Since 2000, April 29th has been a trading day 14 times.
  • On 57% of those days, the asset finished trading with growth.
  • The maximum strengthening range was 0.45%.
  • The downward trend was limited to 1.18%.
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