Olymp Trade Responds to Floods in Central Vietnam

The platform brings aid to the disaster-affected communities

When a natural disaster occurs, Olymp Trade does not hesitate to come to the rescue. This time, the broker’s relief efforts were focused on the flood-hit areas in Central Vietnam.

In October and November, the severe tropical cyclones that resulted in massive floods and landslides left some of the most economically disadvantaged citizens of Vietnam even poorer. That is why it was important for us to contribute to the global emergency response by delivering the basic necessities to the people in need.

According to reports, the floods affected the lives of over 1.5 mln people. Many of them had their homes, household possessions, food supplies, and crops damaged or completely destroyed. As a result, some rural areas like Hai Lang District in Quang Tri Province are facing poverty and hunger.

Olymp Trade is among the companies working to relieve the consequences of this catastrophe. On November 28–29, the platform’s team promptly organized some charity events to distribute emergency packages in Hai Lang District (the North Central Coast region of the country).


It’s not the first (and definitely not the last) time Olymp Trade helps people to overcome the harmful impact of a disaster or a humanitarian emergency. Earlier this year, we provided support to Indonesian and Indian citizens who had suffered from the pandemic-inflicted economic crisis.


Helping people struggle through poverty and rise above their situation is one of the Olymp Trade’s priorities. As our traders know, we focus on sustainable development and education. But sometimes, it’s more important to give people what they need to survive and recover right now.

This year has been difficult for all humankind, but we can make it easier and brighter by sharing. We are grateful to our local traders who helped us organize the trip and coordinate the aid distribution. Thank you for your time, energy and enthusiasm!

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