Sports and success. 6 stories of famous traders

Sport is an essential part of successful people’s lives. Physical exercises help reduce stress, increase vital force and leave a long working day behind. Successful investors of modern times and Wall Street legends spend a good deal of time on physical exercises. But which sports are revered by those whose fortunes are estimated at several billion billion? What sports did they use to do and what are they doing now?

Jan Sramek

One of the brightest representatives of a new generation of traders won the Czech sports award “Olympic Hope” before going to university. Jan had been playing handball since he was a child, and achieved great results in this sport. At the age of 22 Jan became famous in the financial sector due to his career at Goldman Sachs. And in 2011, Sramek founded a personal hedge fund. He never became an Olympic champion, but sport is still an integral part of his life.

George Soros

Despite the fact that George’s favorite hobby was playing an analogue of the popular “Monopoly”, in his youth he practiced skiing, sailing, swimming and tennis. But the situation has changed over the years. The book “Soros about Soros” was published when George was 66 years old, and in that book the legendary investor confessed that he was tired of skiing, which he liked so much in his youth. Nevertheless, he still enjoys playing tennis.

Lewis Borsellino

Lewis Borsellino’s father cultivated his love of sports when the investor was a child, but he could not attend school football matches, since he served a 13-year sentence in prison. Nevertheless, as a teenager Borselino was not only a member of a football team, but also a member of the team of jockeys. The investor wrote about this in his autobiographical bestseller “Blood, sweat and tears of success”. And by the way, Lewis has more than once admitted that his father’s example and playing sports prevented him from falling into bad ways.

Steve Fossett

The multi-million dollar fortune of James Stephen (Steve) Fossett never prevented him from practicing extreme sports. Steve’s death in 2007 was also extreme: the sports aircraft which he was operating, crashed in the mountains. The crash site was found 1 year after. However, until this moment, Fossett had conquered Everest twice, crossed the English Channel and flew solo around the world in a hot-air balloon. In short, his life was bright and full of all kinds of adventures. Isn’t it the main thing?

Paul Tudor Jones

Paul is the man who deserved the title of “The King of Wall Street.” As a young guy he was actively involved in boxing and participated in student tournaments. However, at the age of 22 he left the career of a professional boxer for an unpromising and boring work as a clerk at a cotton exchange. Nevertheless, a couple of years later Jones conquered the trading world by his ability to trade positions, which exceeded in the trade volume the positions of his competitors. It is possible that he developed his ability to build risky strategies in the boxing rink.

Guy Adami

From the captain of school basketball and soccer teams to a multimillionaire: this is the story of a famous trader and investor Guy Adami. Like many other successful people, Guy started his career quite early. At the age of 23 he traded contracts in the exchange pit. Then he made a career at Goldman Sachs and other big companies. However, all this time Adami kept on doing sports, that time it was triathlon, and he also showed excellent results. Guy took the first place in one of the rounds of Ironman series in 2012.

Now you know the stories of six true champions of trading. They were all quite different people, and they became successful in various ways. But for each of these people, sport became the main element that developed and hardened their personalities, so that they could gain a foothold on the top of the trading world.

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