Success Is Rarely Linear: Bill Gates, Frédéric Malle, & You

Two thrilled stories of self made men

Is there a particular formula for success? There have been successful people since the beginning of civilization. Each successful person has had their own story.

There are some similarities to each type of Triumph. Let’s take a look at two successful men from different fields, families, and walks of life. Bill Gates the former richest man in the world and Frédéric Malle of Editions de Parfums Frédéric Malle.

Both of these men are recognized as being at the top of their fields. Though they are both prolific in their roles with their companies they do not have much in common. Well, they were both children.

Bill Gates and Frédéric Malle, have more in common than being former children. Raised in different countries, socio-economic statuses, and education systems.


Frédéric Malle and his lucky aromas

In July 1962, Malle was born and subsequently raised in Paris, France to a father in the film industry and a mother in the field of perfume. Growing up Frédéric was exposed to the world of perfumery, and studied the intricacies of marketing scents initially.

After graduating from NYU with a degree in Art History and Economics. Throughout his early career, he worked diligently with photographers before a brief stint in advertising. Frédéric was unsure of what his impact on the world would be. As he later learned success is not dependent upon just doing something, but rather working hard at that something to be better than most.

Frederic Malle
Frédéric Malle

Following a failed attempt at creating his own position in the realm of French perfumes, Malle became a consultant, then went to perfumery school for two months and shortly after launched Éditions de Parfums Frédéric Malle.

Éditions de Parfums Frédéric Malle honors perfumers, an often overlooked group of scent engineers. His empire was built by honoring those he respected and admired. In 2019 Malle’s company produced 29 different perfumes made by 16 perfumers.


Bill Gates: from garage to the top of the IT world

William H. Gates III was born in Seattle, Washington in October 1955, to a lawyer and board of directors member for First Interstate BancSystem and the United Way of America.

From an early age, Bill was fascinated with technology, writing his first software program in eighth grade. Gates studied practiced working with source code for some of the first programs run on a computer while helping a company and his school.

Bill Gates
Bill Gates

His infatuation with computers continued to grow through his time at Harvard, where he dropped out after his second year. With the support of his parents Gates left school and founded Microsoft with a friend from his parent’s garage.

With decades of hard work and perseverance Bill became for a time the richest man in the world. He never let anything hold him back. As an icon in the tech realm he revolutionized the world through computers. His accomplishments in the industry are nearly matched by his charitable actions around the world.


Different ways, the same success

Though they lived different lives growing up they both became ultimately successful. There are many paths to success but the underlying theme across the majority of those is hard work. Determination to make a difference and the willingness to work for it are what set someone who is successful apart from the rest.

There is no substitute for effort. On the Olymp Trade platform, users are able to access all of the tools necessary to become a successful trader.

Their lives were drastically different from each other’s and presumably yours a point of focus made their dreams come true and can do the same for you. They both had a moment where they decided to go for their goals and let nothing deter them. The resolve they showed, made them who they are.


Make the right decision

Olymp Trade provides the tools and education necessary to be a successful trader. However, the tools to make it happen are not enough, a person has to choose to make trading a priority. Once that decision has been made, anything is possible.

Triumph is not about where you come from or how you got there, but the determination to move beyond your circumstances to get to where you want to be is what makes your story unique. Embrace the ups and downs and work with Olymp Trade to create the life you want.

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