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The Updated Trader’s Way: 20% XP Off All Rewards

It is now much easier to reach a new status

The Trader’s Way launch has been an important update of the Olymp Trade platform. Traders got an opportunity to unlock extra features and reach new statuses for their trading activity measured in experience points (XP).

Traders gain experience points for making trades in their live accounts and completing daily tasks. The experience points are saved, and a trader can use them to get a reward, such as a bonus, an indicator, or even a new status once they obtain a sufficient amount of XP.


How Many XP Do I Need to Reach a New Status?

To activate the privileges of an Advanced status for 30 days, you used to gain 25 300 XP. And you used to earn 120 000 XP to reach an Expert status.

Why “used to”? The point is that we have decided to make Trader’s Way less complicated and reduce the number of experience points required to reach a new status by 20%. You now only need 19 800 XP to activate the Advanced status or gain 99 000 XP to become an Expert trader.

Moreover, we applied a 20% reduction in XP to all rewards on your Trader’s Way. For instance, you used to accumulate 550 experience points to unlock a secret indicator StochRSI. You now only need to gain 450 XP to get it.


How Do I Gain More XP?

Rule One: profitable trades bring you more experience points. Trade actively following our experts’ advice – and you will see how your achievements will contribute to your progress along the Trader’s Way.

Rule Two: increase your trade amounts and use a higher multiplier value when trading in the Forex mode. But remember to protect your deposit and not to put it at risk for no reason.

Rule Three: complete daily tasks. Each of them fills up your XP piggy bank.


What Other Rewards Are There on the Trader’s Way?

Along with Advanced and Expert statuses, you can receive the following rewards:

    • An opportunity to keep a higher status for 30 days
    • New indicators
    • Secret strategies
    • Trading advisers
    • Consultations with analysts
    • Increased return on FTT
    • Risk-free trades
    • Discounts, bonuses, visual and sound platform effects

Gain experience, hone your skills, and move forward along the Trader’s Way!

Check Your Trader’s Way

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