To See the World and Find Oneself. Four Places for a Total Reload

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Diligence is what sets a successful person apart from the others. Not everyone can work hard for 70 or 80 hours a week, so success passes a lot of people by. And trading is no exception to this rule.

Famous traders spent days and nights at the offices, working with historical quotes and meeting one trading session after another. Many of them did not leave the country for years.

However, while going the whole hog we can lose the part of ourselves that is responsible for communication with the rest of the world outside the office walls. Therefore, you need to say “Stop it!” to yourself in time and … buy a plane ticket.

Another country, another city, other people, and different nature is what one needs to take a new life and boost the energy. When emotions top the list of what you need, you should take a look at some unhackneyed tourist destinations.

Our list includes 4 countries where you could feel like another person, relax and get enough energy to keep on hitting the world on your return.

Iceland. Looking for natural purity.

An island state, which was chosen by Vikings in the IX century is one of the few places on the planet where the environment is still incredibly clean.

The very fact of the nature saved in its primordial form is the main reason for the tourist pilgrimage to the northern waterfalls, geysers, fjords and glaciers.

You should start by visiting the world famous Blue Lagoon Resort. The geothermal lake will relieve the tension that you have recently felt. This is the best place for relaxation and enhancing your health.

Looking at the opalescent water of the natural miracle, you will realize that you have found those very “milky rivers” mentioned in old fairy tales and legends. And then, it will be time to continue your journey.

You will be able to rent an electric car for $ 130. The trip will fill you with unforgettable impressions. Smooth roads, steep cliffs and volcanoes, scarce farms — the landscape of Iceland will not lull you, but it will give a feeling of a complete harmony.

You will see Siglufjordur, which has the best skiing routes in Iceland, and Akureyri, which is considered to be the oldest city in the country. And on your return to Reykjavik you will be able to see the museums that preserve the history of the first Viking settlers.

The nature of Iceland can expand your consciousness and purify your mind. Isn’t it what tired traders want?

Tibet. The Asian wisdom.

Speaking further of the unusual places to relax and unwind, we cannot but mention Asia. And, more specifically, Tibet. Tibet is a part of China, but it is an independent country spiritually. Not only Buddhists want to get there, but all people who want to “find themselves”.

In Tibet, there is hardly a place that does not have the special power, attributed to it by myths and rumors. For example, you can get close to Mount Kailash, the residence of the god Shiva. Those who managed to touch the shrine, speak about the unusual feeling: “you feel great and paltry at once.”

Lhasa is the capital of Tibet. There are many amazing temples and palaces in this city. Guides can tell you many legends associated with them. Including the most famous one — the legend about Shambhala, a secret and beautiful place, the land of eternal life hidden in the Himalayas.

People have been trying to find a way to Shambhala for centuries. Someone was fascinated by legends about its great treasures, and others cherished the hope of finding their true path.

However, despite all attempts to find a magical country, no one has ever confirmed its existence. Perhaps, every person has his own Shambhala?

Anyway, this is not an excuse not to talk with the guide about the great secret of Tibet over a cup of tea with yak butter. The wisdom of the Tibetans and their outlook on life make people rethink their own principles and values.

A visit to these countries will be your unforgettable experience. Full immersion in the new worlds will help anyone reach a new level in understanding the inner and the outer world.

Set a goal to travel to any country, set up the necessary budget, and trading will help you with the rest.

To be continued.

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