Weekly News 10.03.2020—13.03.2020

Introducing the most complete review of the upcoming week from analysts Olymp Trade

The list of important events of this week includes the interest rate decision made by the ECB, the UK Budget, and a discussion of the Syrian refugee crisis in the EU Council.


Major Events on the Economic Calendar

  • The US releases its Core Producer Price Index on March 11.
  • The ECB releases its interest rate decision on March 12.


March 10. The Second Super Tuesday

The next major Democratic Party primaries will be held in six states of the United States: Idaho, Washington, Mississippi, Missouri, Michigan, and North Dakota. As a result, we will have a clear enough understanding of who will become the Democratic challenger to Republican President Donald Trump in November.

Presidential primaries were held in 14 states on the previous Super Tuesday. Among Democrats, the former Vice President Joe Biden and Senator Bernie Sanders became favorites. But Biden turned out to be a little more popular than Sanders, who is known for his socialist views.


March 11. The British Response to New Challenges

The UK’s Ministry of Finance will deliver its draft Budget for the new fiscal year. Due to the slowdown in the global economy, many countries are rushing to resort to stimulus measures. In the near future, we will know what London makes a bet on.

It is obvious that Brexit, the coronavirus epidemic, and the consequences of the trade war between China and the US will force Boris Johnson’s government and the Bank of England to make every effort to revive economic growth.


March 12. A New Round of Sanctions

The Council of the EU will decide on the extension of economic sanctions against Russia. The option of expanding the list of restrictions is not on the table.


March 13. The EU to Decide Fate of Syrian Refugees

The Council of the EU will discuss a new stage of migration crisis cause by the civil war in Syria. Senior European officials believe it is necessary to help Athens receive refugees. However, ordinary Greek citizens are not eager to receive new migration flows.

Recall: Last week, Turkey stopped acting as a buffer zone for thousands of Syrians fleeing the war.

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